Advantages of the  automatic poolcover Aquaguard


Total Safety

Aquaguard is a homologised safetycover according strict French legislation (NFP90-309). It prevents accidental access to the pool water by children, pets etc. Its the ultimate safety barrier for your swimming pool.









Reduction of Heat Loss

Evaporation of water is the main cause of heat loss in the swimming pool. Closing automatically your pool during the night and windy days, it avoids your pool losing temperature; in heated pool it results in 50% reduction of energy costs.







Always a clean swimming pool.

The pool cover Aquaguard seals your swimming pool off completely, avoiding dirt like leaves and dust entering your pool.








Saving of Water

Sealing off your pool, your Aquaguard cover prevents evaporation of the water. As an example: overnight, a pool of 8 by 4 meters can easily loose 250 liters of water!







Easier Maintenance

Pool maintenance is reduced to a minimum, because the Aquaguard poolcover does not let enter sunlight or dirt; as a result also costs for chemical products are reduced considerably.







Pool equipment Life

With dirt and debris kept out, your pool equipment works less and lasts longer!








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